Test it before it’s too late to fix it

Logistics and transportation work on a combination of web and mobile platforms. A loose end at one side will create a domino effect that will affect everything. To avoid this you need to test it either before deployment or from time to time.

Why do you need QA in the
Logistics and Transportation Business?

Both cloud-based and hybrid solutions are a common occurrence in the logistics and transportation industry.

Apps, web apps, hosting, a multitude of servers, and a centralized management system have to work harmoniously to make sure that nothing goes wrong. But often, enhancement or third-party integrations cause glitches.

Timely QA team intervention is required to find out the issues before deployment or after deployment. We can recreate role-based scenarios to find out where the company is losing money.

Our Effective Testing Solution

What we will do for you ?

We follow all the data compliance laws and ensure
maximum data security of our customers and employees
forking for our customers.

Testing GPRS devices

Huge volume of data is involved in testing any GPRS based devices. So what we do here is


Optimum devices are selected for testing


Client software will be installed all the devices


Testing, both manual & automated are conducted on regular intervals


Acquired data is fed to the central system to analyze the madule


Location related data is acquired through simulator & field test


GPS signal quality is measured with respect to various conditions

We can validate the flow and working of your Cloud
architecture and GPRS-based system as well!

Transports and logistics software are often centrally connected to a cloud server. Our scenario-based testing will ensure that the cloud part of the logistics / transportation management software is in harmony with the rest of the system or else you will get a complete report about what’s wrong in attaining the full potential.

When it comes to GPRS based system, special resource and approach are required for the testing process.

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